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HTC enters the movie streaming business with HTC Watch

Earlier today — at the HTC Sensation launch event – HTC announced HTC Watch, a video streaming service for HTC devices. The technology behind the service seems to be powered by Saffron Digital, a company HTC acquired two months ago. The HTC Sensation on T-Mobile will be the first device to feature the new video-watching service. When it’s available, users will be able to watch movies over WiFi and 3G as well. Also, when using the app users won’t have to wait for the movie to download, it will instead play instantly and buffer the rest of the movie. There are only a few hundred movies available to watch right now, but HTC promises us much more are coming soon. At this point, we don’t know how much HTC will ask for these movies, but hopefully they price them very competitively. Do you guys see yourselves watching movies with this service? Or maybe not?

Bonus: HTC Watch is briefly shown in this video at around 0:27.

Via: MobileCrunch

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