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New ad campaign from Sprint wants you to “unlimit” yourself

3 years ago 18

Sprint has launched a new ad campaign playing off the fact that they’re the only carrier in the U.S. with a truly unlimited everything plan. The new campaign — All.Together.Now —  makes an emphasis on how people can tweet, email, chat, text and watch YouTube videos all they want while using Sprint’s network. In summary,

Sprint is the only national wireless carrier offering unlimited pricing plans without data overages or throttling, which means they can use their smartphone or tablet as much as they like while on the Sprint network.

They’ve also released the first video for this new campaign. Our buddy Andy is shown a lot during the video, which never hurts. I have to say, I like this ad more than the Verizon LTE 4G and Xoom ads. For the simple fact that it shows the various ways people  can use Android. That’s what people need to see, just show Android and all the things you can do with it — not how some dude gets eaten by an alien spaceship.

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