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No fooling, just some free stuff. Win prizes with just a comment!

UPDATE: Contest closed! Thanks for all the fun links! Check the bottom of this post for the winners.

Having spent a good portion of my childhood and now adult life connected to the internet, I’ve seen my fair share of April Fools’ pranks come and go. For a long time I participated in such jokes, but now years have passed since I actually possessed the proper energy and snark to pull of a solid April Fools’ prank. Luckily (well, depending on how you look at it), there are others who carry on the torch. That silly, nonsensical, do-we-even-need-this torch.

So today, we’re just going to let you, the reader, provide the April Fools’ funny in the form of a comment linking to your favorite April Fools’ prank. I think my favorites this year have to be Gmail Motion and the Austin Chronicle’s report on the building of a large dome to contain SXSW. What was your favorite?

You’ve got til the end of the day to leave a comment, at which point we’ll randomly draw three winners. What’s up for grabs, you ask? Well, that’s your choice. We’ve got a handful of awesome prizes sitting around and find it most fun to just let the winners choose. The winners can pick from the following items:

An Angry Birds plush toy (pictured above)
An Android mini collectible (from Dead Zebra)
An And Me Artist Series tee (still have a couple of all four styles in stock)
A USB thumbdrive (2GB and probably loaded with press kit materials)

We’re picking the winners randomly, it has nothing to do with the comment voting. I only mention that because lots of times of these types of posts it seems like some people like to down vote every single comment, as if it gives them some sort of edge. It will not. All it does is hide decent comment that otherwise would be shared. And make sure you leave a proper email so we can contact you!

Aside from that, have fun! Can’t wait to see all the links from the weird corners of the web I didn’t even know existed (especially local newspaper websites, bring those on!).

Winners! Congratulations to Gary S, Kristopher W, and Gavin R. Check for inboxes for details!

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