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Surprise, surprise: Google Talk gets video chat on the Nexus S (Updated)

A few hours ago Google tweeted they had a surprise for us. They’ve now revealed that surprise, and no they’re not buying Sprint. The big surprise is that Google Talk is getting video chat support. Hold on, there’s a catch though. You won’t be able to just download the app from the Market, instead you’ll get the new app with the 2.3.4 update Google is going to release in the coming weeks. Huh? Put simply, Nexus One and Nexus S users will get Android 2.3.4 in the coming weeks, and the update has a new version of Google Talk with video chat support.

This is of course irrelevant to the rest of the world which doesn’t own a Nexus phone. Why Google didn’t just release the Google Talk app through the Market? It beats me. It’s like they thought “What’s the best way to get this awesome feature to the least amount of people? Oh I know, release it with an OS update most people won’t get until next year.”

The app works just like you’d think it would. If a friend is available for video chat, you’ll see a camera icon next to it, tap it and away you go. The Android 2.3.4 update will also bring some bug fixes for Nexus One phones. But that’s not all, Google also tweeted that one more surprise is still to come. What could it be? Let me guess, they’ll release Google Music just for Nexus S owners who have dark hair, own two dogs, and are left-handed.

UPDATE: Google just tweeted the other surprise and it’s a — drum roll, please — Twitter Challenge. The winner gets a Nexus S. Yay.

Google Talk video chat Google Talk video chat

Source: Google Mobile Blog

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