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Android in Chief Andy Rubin sets the record straight about Honeycomb and fragmentation

Completely out of left field, Andy Rubin — VP of Engineering at Google and head of Android development — decided to put an end to those rumors we’ve been hearing lately about Honeycomb, and OEM customization. Both of these rumors started at Bloomberg, so take that as you will. To refresh your memory, the rumors implied that Google was changing strategy with Honeycomb and it had decided to delay or keep the source code locked . Then last week, Bloomberg reported that Google was taking a more aggressive approach against OEMs and carriers customizing Android, in order to fend off fragmentation.

Fast-forward to today and Andy Rubin took to the Android Developers Blog with a post titled: “I think I’m having a Gene Amdahl moment”. In reference to Gene Amdahl, the person who coined the term “FUD” or “Fear, uncertainty and doubt”. Andy explains that nothing has changed in the partnership between Google and the Open Handset Alliance members. More specifically:

Our approach remains unchanged: there are no lock-downs or restrictions against customizing UIs. There are not, and never have been, any efforts to standardize the platform on any single chipset architecture.

Then talking about delays in the release of the Honeycomb source code, Andy said:

Finally, we continue to be an open source platform and will continue releasing source code when it is ready. As I write this the Android team is still hard at work to bring all the new Honeycomb features to phones. As soon as this work is completed, we’ll publish the code. This temporary delay does not represent a change in strategy. We remain firmly committed to providing Android as an open source platform across many device types

There it is folks, nothing has changed in terms of OEM customization and the Honeycomb source code will be released when it’s ready for phones — at Google I/O, pretty please? — We can all calm down now. I suggest you go read the whole post and come back and let us know what you think. Food for thought: Where do you think Bloomberg got those rumors from?

Image source: NYTimes

Source: Android Developers Blog

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