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HTC’s market value shoots up to $33.8 billion, surpasses RIM and Nokia

Feel that, RIM and Nokia? That’s HTC riding the Android train blowing right past you at light speed. Having just passed RIM in market value, HTC just went ahead and soared past Nokia as well. The second-largest Asian smartphone maker reached a $33.8 billion market value, compared to Nokia’s $32.84 billion and RIM’s $28.5 billion. It’s hard to believe that just a couple of years ago HTC was the underdog in the phone market.

Today, thanks to an early and aggressive embracing of Android, the company has a 30 times bigger market value than five years ago. On the other hand, those who dismissed Android or didn’t respond quickly enough, are now running for the hill. Nokia had to team up with Microsoft for a chance at survival and RIM is getting closer than ever to using Android. You can expect this trend to continue as Android keeps growing.

Via: Engadget

Source: All Things Digital

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