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MLB.TV introduces mobile-only subscription, Honeycomb still not supported

Beginning with the 2011 season, the official MLB At Bat application for Android now features live games streamed to your Android device for subscribers ($99-$119/year).

MLB has announced today that mobile-only version of is now available for $50 for the remainder of the 2011 season, which will allow Android users to stream live broadcasts to their smartphones and tablets.

The announcement shows that seems to finally “get it”, recognizing that there are many users out there who don’t need to stream baseball games to their PC or internet-connected TV device, but only want to catch some games on their phones or tablets.

One serious issue still remains, however. If you happen to have purchased one of those shiny new Honeycomb tablets such as the Xoom or G-Slate, you will not be able to stream live games to your tablet as Honeycomb is still not officially supported.

Frankly, this is an embarrassment for both MLB and Google. What is the point of having a portable multimedia device if companies such as MLB can’t figure out a way to meaningfully support the tablet-optimized Android OS? MLB and Google need to put their heads together and figure out this problem quickly. Perhaps we’ll get lucky and hear something in time for Google I/O, which starts next week, but I won’t hold my breath.

Rant aside, if you happen to both be a baseball fan and own one (or more) of the devices featured on the supported devices page at, you may want to check out this decently priced mobile-only option. $50 isn’t too bad for a season’s worth of live baseball action.



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