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CyanogenMod updates to version 7.0.3, fixes bugs and security hole

If you have been keeping yourself updated with Android news, you have probably heard all the hype about security, location, and privacy for the past couple weeks. Though such issues are a given (since most of the benefits of working “in the cloud” are made possible due to these features), they can become dangerous and sometimes get out of hand.

CyanogenMod has just released version 7.0.3, which consists of a bug fix for the update notification system and fixing a security hole. The release is still based on Android 2.3.3, so don’t get your hopes up on that video chatting feature (Check Alberto’s article for an alternative way to accomplish this).

In an attempt to keep hackers away from CyanogeMod users, the team has kept information about this security hole private, so we do not know exactly how we could be affected. Regardless, the issue has been fixed, and you can now head over to CyanogenMod’s mirror network to download this update, or it can also be found on Rom Manager.

You should not install this update if you are already running a recent nightly build, only if you are coming from 7.0, 7.0.2, or Chris Soyars

Before you install this update, make sure you are on the right version of CyanogenMod, or you may run into some issues. Aside from minor bug fixes, the main factor here is your security, which is always valuable. If you are running CyanogenMod, go and update to version 7.0.3 before the hackers find the weak spot. Now that we can all breathe and feel safer, don’t forget to share your comments with us. How are you guys liking the new CyanogenMod? Do you feel better now that this security hole is patched?

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Source: CyanogenMod

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