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Dear T-Mobile, it’s time to put the myTouch 3G to sleep (UPDATED)

The time is June 22nd, 2009, and the T-Mobile G1 has been available for exactly eight months now. The device is currently the only Android phone available in the market, but it’s about to get some company. Today, T-Mobile will announce its second Android phone, the T-Mobile myTouch 3G.

The myTouch 3G is a huge improvement over the G1, with such enhancements as a headphone jack, better battery life and more internal memory. The phone is welcomed with open arms by the Android community, but it’ll become obsolete in just a few months when Motorola and Verizon announce the Droid.

While the myTouch 3G showed us that Google, HTC, and T-Mobile were committed to moving the Android platform forward, we were all more than glad to dump it for some Snapdragon-packing superphones.

Two years later, Android is everywhere. The platform has taken off faster than you can say “iDon’t multitask” and we’re no longer asking ourselves whether our Android phones will switch between apps smoothly — like back in the myTouch 3G days. Instead, we’re shooting and watching 3D video, outputting full-HD video to our TVs, and wondering how long it’ll be until we can run Crysis on our Android devices — hint: probably next year.

That’s how fast the mobile world has changed in two years. T-Mobile, on the other hand, hasn’t noticed this change yet. The carrier is still offering the same old, slow, and outdated myTouch 3G — for free though — that helped Android get its foot out the door. The phone is a relic by today’s standards, worthy of a statue at the Android Museum, but a relic nonetheless.

It’s not like T-Mobile doesn’t have any other cheap Android phone that it can give out for free. In fact, the carrier has four more Android phones on its lineup that it sells for free. The LG Optimus T is one of them, and it’s 10 times better than the myTouch 3G in every possible way. If you don’t feel like “Life’s Good”, you can still get the Motorola Defy, the Comet, or the Cliq XT.

So, why, T-Mobile, why are you still selling this piece of Android history? Please, just let the myTouch 3G die in peace so it can take its seat next to the G1 in Android heaven.

UPDATE: It looks like somebody at T-Mobile reads Android and Me. The myTouch 3G is no longer showing up on the carrier’s website. Thank you, T-Mobile, thank you.

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