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Gartner: Android keeps growing while Windows Phone fails to gain traction

Gartner has just released its quarterly mobile report, and yes just like we hear every week, Android is still growing at a rapid pace. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about its competitors. Symbian will soon ship less units than Apple and Windows Phone is less than a percent away from getting thrown into the “Others” category.

According to Gartner, Android shipped around 36.2 million units last quarter, owning 36.0% of the market. Compare that to a year ago when Android shipped 5.2 million units and had a market share of only 9.6%. If Android keeps growing like it’s doing now, our favorite OS could very well power 50% of all smartphones sold at the beginning of next year.

On the other side of the coin, Symbian isn’t showing any signs of stopping its year-long free fall towards irrelevancy. The mobile OS shipped close to 27.6 million units in Q1, holding 27.4% of the market. In contrast, Symbian was inside 44.2% of all smartphones sold this time last year. RIM’s Blackberry is not doing that much better either. The platform shipped 13 million units last quarter, which was just 12.9% of all smartphone sales — down from 19.7% a year ago.

In third place, iOS kept holding its market share steady for the fourth quarter in a row. The platform — as we’ve seen also in the U.S. market — seems to have hit an imaginary roof. Apple shipped around 16.8 million iPhones last quarter, or approximately 16.8% of all smartphones sold.

Lastly, Microsoft’s Windows Phone/Mobile is still on life support. Microsoft only shipped 3.6 million units in the last quarter, or about 3.6% of all devices sold. That’s around 38,000 less units than what the company sold a year ago. Meaning, even though the whole market doubled in size, Microsoft failed to grow with it. In fact, Windows Phone/Mobile was the only platform that shipped less units than the year before. Symbian — the biggest loser in terms of market share — still managed to ship 3 million units more than 12 months ago.

But the bad news don’t end there for Microsoft. Last quarter, the company only shipped 1.6 million devices running Windows Phone 7. Which means that the outdated Windows Mobile is still outselling Windows Phone by more than 2 million units. Let me repeat that, more than six months after launch, Windows Phone is still shipping on less phones than the OS it is supposed to replace — that’s not good.

What do you guys think? Does Microsoft stand a chance against Android? How big do you think Android will get? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Gartner

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