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How to easily install third-party apps, even if your carrier prohibits it

6 years ago 13

After the recent crackdown on tethering apps, it’s becoming clearer than ever that we’ll soon have to look outside the Android Market to download some of our favorite apps — perhaps Android needs its own Cydia store. Meanwhile, we’ll have to download some apps directly from the source. That’s very easy and fool-proof to do on Android, just download the .apk and off you go. But some carriers — like AT&T — prohibit their Android users from doing just that. What to do then? The answer is Android Injector.

Android Injector is a PC application that allows you to literally drag and drop Android apps onto your phone. But firstly, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Download and installĀ Android Injector
  • Install your phone’s drivers. They can be found at the manufacturer’s website
  • Download the .apk you want to install
  • Connect your phone via USB with USB debugging turned on
  • Drag and drop the .apk file onto Android Injector
  • You’re done!

It doesn’t get any easier than that. Happy app installing!