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LG P930 device pops up featuring a 720×1280 display, is it the Nexus 3?

As you might already know, we’re completely obsessed about the Nexus 3. We’ve lost many hours of sleep trying to figure out what this phone will be all about. So far, the clues point to a Tegra 3-powered device coming this Christmas with Ice Cream Sandwich. We also have it on good word that LG will build the next “Google phone”. So forgive us when we try to connect anything LG-related to the Nexus 3.

That’s exactly what happened today. The guys at Unwired View uncovered an XML file that mentions an Android device codenamed “LG P930″. Our hearts stopped for a second, only to have our hopes squashed two seconds later when we found out that the device had a 720×1280 resolution display. The kind of resolution that is only seen on tablet-sized devices these days.

Just as we were going back to crawling the web for anything with the word “nexus” on it, the impossible happened. Miraculously, Toshiba came out with a 4-inch display that has a 720×1280 resolution. At a whopping 367ppi, the screen blows right past Apple’s Retina Display. This morning at SID, the company confirmed that we will see devices with this screen ship later this year.

Further proving that the LG P930 is a phone and not a tablet, we later found out that the “P” in front of the codename means that this is indeed a phone.

With that said, we have no idea if the LG P930 is really the Nexus 3. What we do know is that LG is working on a phone with a 720×1280 screen, most likely made by Toshiba. It’s quite possible that this exact model is not the Nexus 3, but knowing that LG is already working on a phone with this resolution, I’ll be surprised if the Nexus 3 doesn’t ship with one.

To recap, the Nexus 3 could ship with a 4-inch LCD 720×1280 display, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Tegra 3. Man, Christmas can’t get here fast enough.


Source: Unwired View

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