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New Google Goggles app turns your phone into the perfect business card scanner

Poised to be demoed at Google I/O, the Google Goggles Android app got quite a sizable update today. Since its inception, Goggles has helped us read QR codes, find better deals than your local store’s, and figure out the name of that place you should really know the name of.

Today, this wonderful little app got even better than before. Bringing a handful of new features:

  • Enhanced search history: You can now add personal notes to your searches.  The notes are searchable, so you can go back and search for any word the note contains.
  • Suggest a better result: You can correct any search that the Google Goggles get wrong. I’m sure nobody will abuse this feature to link the word “sucks” to anything they hate.
  • Improved business card recognition: Finally, Google Goggles will now recognize which type of data it gets from business cards. For example, when it recognizes a telephone number, it’ll automatically add it to the contacts’ “Phone number” field.

If you haven’t already done so, head over to the Market and download this must-have app. Also, keep an eye out for a demo of this app at Google I/O tomorrow or Wednesday.

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Source: Google Mobile Blog

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