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New version of Google TV to be shown at Google I/O

Everybody knows — including Google — Google TV devices are not flying off the shelves. In fact, last week we found out that Logitech’s Revue is not selling very well. Google must be very much aware of the issue, because according to an article on BusinessInsider, Google will announce a new version of Google TV at the company’s I/O conference next week.

The new update will focus on three main areas:

  • Performance: It will run on a faster chip.
  • User experience: Improved user experience and interface
  • Apps: Google will show a new version of the Android Market built for Google TV. Of course, this means Google will probably release a Google TV SDK in the very near future.

While Google TV needs a lot of work around performance and user experience, I’m much more excited about the notion of being able to download third-apps to my TV. We have yet to see what developers are able to come up with when they get their hands on certain information like our TV schedule and watching habits. Likewise, it’ll be interesting to see how apps like Gmail and Google Voice take a whole new life on your TV. We better start getting used to taking calls and tweeting from our TVs — that’s where we seem to be heading.

Source: BusinessInsider

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