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Should the FCC block the AT&T, T-Mobile merger?

Fear of a mobile carrier duopoly struck the U.S. when AT&T announced its plans to acquire T-Mobile from parent company Deutsche Telecom. Though there may be some that support this acquisition (or a general sense of apathy), most websites’ comments prove that people are very much against the proposed acquisition. People are not the only ones against such possible merger though, as Sprint has firmly stood against the AT&T acquisition of T-Mobile since the beginning.

Further proving that it will do anything possible to stop the merger, Sprint has recently filed an official opposition to the FCC. Through this 377 page document, Sprint asks the FCC to block said merger, stating that it does not support AT&T in this deal for multiple reasons.

Of course, Sprint’s main statement is that the acquisition would substantially hurt competition and thus the consumer. As you can imagine, though, Sprint’s filing includes much more detail about their opposition. One interesting point is that Sprint states that AT&T is “playing naive” in stating that the acquisition would be necessary in order to support AT&T’s future growth in services and customers.

According to Sprint, this is simply an excuse from AT&T, and this company is simply trying to broaden its spectrum. Sprint claims that there is a wide “unused” spectrum, and that AT&T has not been managing its resources well enough. Sprint states that they have been planning ahead of time in order to be able to support the carrier’s future customers and services, and AT&T should be able to do the same.

Of course, the most important factor here is you, the consumer, and Sprint won’t be able to do this alone. In case you missed it, the FCC actually allowed the community to express its feelings towards this possible acquisition. This opened up the doors for us, as a community, to tell the FCC what people want. If you haven’t done so yet, go fill out the form at the FCC’s website. We would also like to know what you guys think about this, are you on Sprint’s side? Do you think the merger should be blocked by the FCC? Do you think the AT&T/T-Mobile deal should be allowed to go through? Please leave us your comments stay tuned for more details on this.

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