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TomTom Navigator is coming to Android soon

TomTom has been one of the most famous navigation systems for years. Not only has TomTom provided Navigation services with PNDs (Personal Navigation Devices), but it has also been among the Top 10 apps in the Apple App Store since its release. Well, for those that have been jealous of iPhone users, TomTom is coming to Android soon, as Corinne Vigreux (TomTom’s MD) stated during an interview with PocketGPSWorld.


We are currently working on a version for Android this will be released soon. I cannot give you a specific date yet. For Windows Phone we are not planning to release anything.Corinne VigreuxTomTom International BV.

You may wonder how this navigator made it to the Top 10, despite the fact that it costs a whooping $39.99 for the U.S. version (price for iPhone). Well, there are multiple reasons. Assuming that Android's TomTom app will bring the same capabilities as the iPhone's, these are some of the major features - The maps are actually saved on your device, which means that data consumption would be substantially lowered. Also, Like PNDs, TomTom for iPhone has some level of customization, and yes, that includes the addition of cool navigation voices. This may seem a bit unnecessary, but it is unbelievable how such features can make the price very well worth it:


I'd pay $40 just for the yoda voice.Anthony DomanicoAndroid and Me

Since we are expecting Android's TomTom Navigation to bring the same features as the iPhone, these are some of the things you should expect from it:

Key Features[1]


  • TOMTOM MAPS: Your TomTom App comes with the latest and most up-to-date map, ready to navigate.
  • MAP SHAREâ„¢: Make on-the-fly changes to your own map and benefit from free, verified updates made by TomTom users every day--delivered automatically on a weekly basis and on-demand anytime you want.
  • IQ ROUTESâ„¢: Only TomTom uses actual speed data collected from millions of users to accurately calculate the travel time of your route. It takes into account rush hour, traffic lights-even shopping crowds.
  • REAL-TIME TRAFFIC UPDATES: Outsmart traffic with real-time information for your route delivered directly to your TomTom App. Based on incoming traffic information, your TomTom will recalculate travel time and suggest alternate routes to minimize potential delays.


  • Local search powered by Googleâ„¢
  • Millions of pre-installed POIs


  • Lane guidance for complicated interchanges
  • Clear voice instructions
  • Announces street names
  • Help me! emergency menu
  • Automatic music fading


  • multitasking support
  • Seamless navigation while calling
  • Background navigation instructions
  • Navigate-to-photo
  • Navigate-to-contacts
  • Route sharing
  • Departure reminder
  • Calling destination


  • Celebrity voices (Available via in-App purchase)
  • Car symbols
  • Map colors

TomTom undoubtedly offers some of the best Navigation services out there, but that $40 price tag may be a bit steep. We do know that apps tend to be offered at a more affordable price in the Android Market, though I wouldn't expect TomTom International to go any lower than $29.99.


Since we know that TomTom is coming to Android soon, it is time to start seeing if it will be a feasible option for us. Have you guys been waiting for this navigation app? Would you pay $39.99 or even $29.99 for just the U.S. version (especially when Co-Pilot Live USA is going for $5)?  If none of these convince you, what do you think would be a fair price for both the consumer and the developer?


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Source: PocketGPSWorld

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