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White Nexus S peeks its head on Samsung’s website

Rumors about an AT&T version of the Nexus S have been spreading around since last January, before we even knew it was going to be white. Now that Sprint’s Nexus S 4G has been released, though, we have really been hoping for Google’s current flagship phone to come to more carriers soon. Though we do not know if this device will be carried directly by AT&T, the white Nexus S made a brief appearance on Samsung’s website, and this time showing much more details. This can only mean that this gadget should be close to its release.

The Nexus S with AT&T radio frequencies has been through a bit of a bumpy road since its first appearances. We saw the GT-I9020A show up at the FCC (as well as Samsung’s website), followed by its brief appearance at Negri Electronics. It was not long before sites started getting a hold of the white Nexus S devices, including our friends at Droid Life, who posted a very good hands-on article and video (Check it out after the break).

Though Samsung’s details on the white Nexus S were quickly pulled from their site, at least we now know that the manufacturer is getting things ready. This should be a good sign of a coming announcement (Maybe Samsung’s New York event on the 24th? Who knows!). What do you guys say? Liking it? Are you interested in the AT&T-compatible Nexus S?

Via: Droid Life

Source: PocketNow

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