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ooVoo, multi-party cross-platform HD video chat

At Uplinq, while walking the floor of the Mobile Innovations Showcase we ran across the team from ooVoo giving live demos of their multi-party video chat capabilities (and doing so over LTE in a crowded conference hall, I might add). Not only did the app perform admirably on a mobile handset (we tested on a Samsung Droid Charge), but ooVoo also had a full desktop application on display, ala Skype. Combined with the fact that they just launched on iOS, it appears we might be looking at the new king of mobile video chat (or at least a prince).

Check the video below to hear the presentations direct from the show floor:

Currently ooVoo offers the ability to connect up to 6 users in a single chat session (though only 3 for free, check the pricing) and are planning to up that number to 12 soon. They’ve also just signed on Snoop Dogg as their celebrity spokesperson, which means nothing to the video chat really, except that they’ve got a hilariously awesome marketing department.

While ooVoo seems to be quickly picking up steam, the app is still only available to certain handsets. At the time of writing, the Market page lists official support for the following devices: HTC EVO 3G & 4G, Samsung Epic, Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.0, T-Mobile MyTouch 4G, Dell Streak 5, Nexus S and the Galaxy S 4G. ooVoo launched first on Android and claims that Android is the flagship platform. They say they’ve got expanded tablet support coming soon.


The ooVoo guys asked if I use video chat for business much and I had to admit that I don’t, so I wanted to ask for some reader input. How many of you are video chatting on a regular basis? It’s an often talked about feature but I don’t really know anyone that uses it that much. If you are a heavy user, what is your app of choice?

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