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Eco-users complain about solar charging on Samsung Replenish

Update: A few of you have pointed out that the solar charger is a separate accessory, and does not come included with the device. My bad, must have been confused with something I read.


You remember the Samsung Replenish, right? You know, that eco-friendly smartphone that dropped on the Sprint network a few months back? You don’t? Can’t say we blame you, as the Earth-friendly Blackberry look-a-like phone launched with little fanfare as an entry-level Android device.

Well, some people out there did in fact purchase the Replenish and are up in arms about one of the green accessories, a solar charger that allowed users to utilize the sun’s rays to charge their phone without plugging into the wall. At least, that was the theory.

Several users on Sprint’s forums are complaining that the solar charger simply doesn’t work, with a few going as far as to say the charger was actually draining battery from the device instead of charging it. One user reported: “Did a test of the charging system this weekend. Left it out in direct sunlight for about an hour. It got hot but DID NOT CHARGE ANYTHING. I actually lost battery life. Placed it on the dash of my car for an 1 1/2 hour drive and it almost went dead… I don’t know about this… Seems to be a rip-off to me…” You can read a few of the conversation threads here and here.

Though personally I like the idea of solar charging, it’s unfortunate that the Samsung Replenish’s implementation seems to be missing the mark. Are you one of the affected Replenish owners experiencing issues with solar charging? If another device came along with fully-functional solar charging, would you be more inclined to buy? Sound off to these (and more) questions in the comments.

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