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Google now activating 500,000 Android devices every day; roughly 600,000/day expected next month

Android is growing at an amazing pace. Google knows it, competitors know it and patent trolls know it. But just in case we’ve forgotten, Chief Android Andy Rubin took to Twitter this morning to remind us just how fast the platform is expanding.

Google likes to measure Android’s growth by looking at how many devices they activate every day. The oldest piece of statistics we have about Android’s daily activations goes back to May of 2009. During that time, Google was activating 30,000 devices per day. A year later that number was 100,000. Then in August of last year, daily activations grew to 200,000. Roughly four months later Android reached yet another milestone with 300,000 daily activations.

Finally last month at Google I/O, the company announced it was activating 400,000 devices every day and had a total of 100 million activations since the T-Mobile G1. Fast forward one month, and Google is now activating 500,000 devices per day. That comes to somewhere around 15 million devices activated every month. Put differently, Android adds the population of Niger to its army every month.

But that’s not the most interesting fact in Rubin’s tweet. The Android founder also said the number of daily activations is growing 4.4% every week. According to my trusty calculator, this means that Google will be activating around 600,000 devices per day a month from now. What used to take several months for Android to achieve now takes four weeks or less.

If Android manages to maintain this kind of growth, we could very well see its daily activations surpass 1 million by the end of the year. Think about that for a second. That’s 41,600 new Android recruits every hour, 694 every minute and 11 every second. That’s crazy talk.

Keep an eye out for another “daily activations” tweet from Andy Rubin about four weeks from today. Eventually we’ll just have to give up counting.

Source: Twitter

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