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Help us name Motorola’s Android experience [Poll] (Update: And the winner is …)

Now that Motorola has killed the MOTOBLUR name, we need to find a new one. Since it won’t be fun to call it “Motorola’s Android experience” every time we talk about it, we asked you–our readers–to come up with some new and creative names. And you guys didn’t disappoint. With more than two dozen good suggestions, we had a hard time choosing our favorites, but here we have them.

You can vote for the ones below, or if you feel like you have a better name, just let us know in the comments section. I’ll update this article with the final name a couple days from now, so make sure you follow us on Twitter if you don’t want to miss it. Happy voting!

UPDATE: MOTOBLOAT! With 35.67% of all votes. We shall call Motorola’s Android experience MotoBloat from now on. At least until they give it an official name.

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