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Motorola Droid X, Defy get CM-7 ported despite locked bootloaders

Locked bootloaders are a hot topic nowadays. Most Android fans prefer to play around freely with their devices. And Motorola hasn’t been so good about letting us do that, since they insist on locking them.

If you’re like us, I bet you thought the Droid X and Defy were about to become old, obsolete devices. Think again. CyanogenMod-7 is here to resuscitate them with some custom ROM goodness.

It has indeed been a hard quest for our beloved developers to put CM-7 onto these devices. After countless hours of hard work, cvpcs and Quarx have figured out a way to port it over. All that coding and testing is not easy, though, so the ROM does not yet work perfectly on these devices.

CM-7 for the Motorola Droid X

The developer that ported CM-7 to the Droid X has actually posted a video as proof of this righteous deed of might and courage.

So this leaves a lot of questions! Such as what works and what doesn't! From what I could tell by playing around with it, the following definitely work: Radio, Wifi, USB, Charging, various sensors, lights, vibration, standard bluetooth. The following MAY or MAY NOT work (unable to tell for sure yet): GPS, 3G/data, camera, camcorder, bluetooth audio. And the following definitely do NOT work yet: audio (this includes phone calls, speakers, microphone, etc).cvpcsRootzWiki

As already mentioned, the ROM has just been ported, so things are not expected to run smoothly… at least not yet. The developer, cvpcs, is still working on it and claims many features may not be working because he has yet to finish the Libaudio driver for the Droid X. He might have to rewrite the whole thing from source, if he doesn’t find a good alternative. But, this does indicate cvpcs is definitely set on making this work.

Cvpcs mentions that he’ll be needing testers starting sometime this week. He’ll be posting more information about it on rootzwiki.com, as well as on his own blog. Stay tuned for more details, if you want to get in on the testing action!

CM-7 for the Motorola Defy[1]

This one is actually ready to download and install. If you’re feeling adventurous, head over to XDA and follow the instructions.

Though you may experience issues here and there, this port is actually not having too many problems. Everything is running well, except for 720p video recording and WVGA photos.

  • Works: Wifi, SD-Card, 3D, Auto-Brightness, LED, Photo Camera with Flash, Video Camera(H264), GSM/3G, Bluetooth +Headset + HID, Sensors, GPS/aGPS, FM-radio
  • Doesn't work: 720p Rec. WVGA Photo

QuarxXDA Developers


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