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Rewind: the perfect group shot; or, How your camera phone is about to get way more awesome

Last week when we were in San Diego for Uplinq, one of the on-stage tech demos caught our eye. During the Snapdragon super session, Raj Talluri brought up the team from Scalado to show off their new camera technology, dubbed Rewind.

Rewind captures a burst of five full resolution photographs, allowing the user to pick and choose the best bits from each photo. The selected faces are immediately composited into a single photograph, ready for sharing. We found Scalado on the show floor for a repeat performance. Check the video below:

As you can see in the video, Rewind is intelligent enough to detect faces and allow the user–ahem, photographer–to select which faces should be used in the final shot. Scalado said they’re working on a new version with smile and blink detection that can even do the selecting for you, making the process of getting the perfect group shot an almost automatic experience.

The only downside is that, at this time, they’re only looking to distribute the technology via OEMs–meaning you shouldn’t expect to see a Rewind app in the market any time soon. The burst photo capture is processor-intensive, ultimately limiting the end range of devices it can run on (and explaining why Scalado has paired with Qualcomm and is testing on that beast of a device).

What say you, the avid phone photographer? Is this something you’d want in your phone? If manufacturers started offering the feature, would that be a real draw to the device or just a “nice to have?” Personally I think it’s pretty awesome tech, but I’m still waiting on the boost in cell camera optics to really make it worth it.

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