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Six reasons why you might want to wait for the Nexus 3 [Part 2]

This is part 2 of a two-part article on why waiting for the Nexus 3 could turn out to be a very good idea. Make sure you read part 1 first, if you haven’t done so already.

It’s a Google Phone

If I had to choose only one reason why you should wait for the Nexus 3, it would be this:  You’ll always have the latest version of Android. Now, wait a second before you jump out of your seat and yell “CUSTOM ROMS FTW!” Even if you’re a hardcore Android fan that changes ROMs every week, you’ll still be better off buying the Nexus 3. Check every ROM website and tell me which phones are at the top of the list of supported devices. That’s right, the Nexus One and the Nexus S. Why? It turns out Google’s official Android developer phone is very popular among developers and hackers.

In a world where OEMs and carriers take many months to (or never) update our Android phones, owning one that’s guaranteed to be up-to-date is worth its weight in gold. Ask any person that still has Froyo or Eclair on their phones, and they’ll tell you how much they hate waiting around for OEMs and carriers to update it. There’s none of that nonsense with a Nexus phone. You always have the latest version, plain and simple.

Owning a “Google Phone” also has other advantages. These days, buying a Nexus phone is pretty much the only way to have a phone with Google Android. (Instead of Motorola HTC, Samsung, Sprint, Verizon or AT&T Android). There’s no bloatware in Google Android, no plasticky additional user interface, no gimmicky useless feature, no locked bootloaders, no weird limitations and, most importantly, no extra bugs. Just 100% pure Android, the way Google intended it to be.

720p screen resolution

According to a rumor that popped up last month, LG is currently working on an Android device that has a 720×1280 resolution display. Since LG is the rumored manufacturer of the Nexus 3, we could speculate the next “Google Phone” will have a 720p display. With a 4-inch screen, this display would have a pixel density of 367ppi. Destroying everything else that’s currently available on the market–including the iPhone 4.

Additionally, Toshiba announced at SID last month that we will see phones later this year with the company’s 4-inch 720p display. Whether LG or someone else builds the Nexus 3, I expect Google to use nothing but the best for this phone. In this case, that would be a 720p screen.

Designed by Google

Some of you might not know this, but Google will eventually go into the hardware business. Whether it happens this year, the next one or in five is another question. The company will do this with the help of two recent hires. They’re Joe Britt and Matt Hershenson, and you already know them if you watched the Android Google I/O 2011 keynote. They showed off Project Tungsten, a futuristic media hub built by the company.

Joe and Matt have a lot more to do with Android than you might think. The two of them, along with Andy Rubin, founded Danger back in 2000. You know them as the company behind the groundbreaking Hiptop or Sidekick phone. When Andy Rubin left Danger to found Android, he borrowed a lot of ideas from the Sidekick and brought them to Android. In other words, you can think of the Sidekick as Android’s grandfather. If you want to go behind the curtains and see how the three of them designed and built the Sidekick–and indirectly Android– you can watch the videos below, and go here for more.

What does this all have to do with the Nexus 3? Well, seeing how Joe and Matt have a very long history of building and designing devices, it’s not crazy to think the two of them could somewhat influence the Nexus 3′s design. As a big fan of the Sidekick, there’s nothing that would make me happier.

There you have it. Six reasons why you should really wait for the Nexus 3. (I know I will). If you guys have any other reasons, let us know in the comments. Or maybe you disagree with one of mine. We’d love to hear your opinion as well.

Alberto is a college student living somewhere between Miami, Sarasota and the World Wide Web. Although a former iPhone owner, Alberto is now a proud Android enthusiast. You can follow Alberto on Twitter and Google+ for his thoughts unworthy of an article.

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