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Verizon’s iPhone takes market share from Android, according to one guy

If you’ve been following Android for some time, you’ll know the popular OS hasn’t gone anywhere but up for the past year or so. Research after research, all show Android growing at an incredible pace. The last credible report came out a couple weeks ago via comScore. And it was more of the same; Android kept growing while everybody else stayed flat or lost a significant amount of market share.

With that in mind, you’ll have to excuse us when we take the following report with a truck-sized amount of salt. According to Needham’s Charlie Wolf, Apple’s iOS grew a whopping 17.2% in the first quarter thanks to the Verizon iPhone, going from 12.3% to 29.5% in just three months.

On the other hand, Wolf says Android lost 3.4% of market share, dropping from 52.9% to 49.5%. Again, that’s not what everybody else is saying. So, where’s Wolf getting this data? According to the CNNMoney article, he’s using IDC information to come up with his crazy statistics. The funny thing is, IDC’s last report says the complete opposite of what Wolf is saying.

Here’s what IDC said a few days ago about iOS:

After an initial explosive growth period, iOS is expected to grow at a more modest pace throughout the latter half of the forecast as the smartphone market matures and diversifies. Although a small market share decline is expected, IDC expects significant overall shipment volume growth through the end of 2015.Press ReleaseIDC

If “small market share decline” means “unbelievable 17.2% growth,” then yes, Mr. Wolf is right on the money. It seems Mr. Wolf’s report is based more on speculation and less on facts and data. Maybe by releasing these dubious reports, he’ll somehow validate his own prediction from January when he said the Verizon iPhone will “suck the wind out of Android’s growth.” This sounds more like something an Apple enthusiast would say, not a credible analyst.

As if these insane claims weren’t enough, Mr. Wolf also said this huge jump in market share iOS had is nothing compared to what’s going to happen once the iPhone 5 is released. He notes most Verizon customers are waiting for the iPhone 5, and once the device is released Android will be dead in the water. Huh, where have I heard that before?

What do you guys think? Is there some truth to this report, or is it just some guy trying to get attention? Let us know in the comments.

Source: CNNMoney

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