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Who says Android doesn’t have any high-quality games? Cut the Rope now available exclusively through GetJar

Slowly but surely, Android is becoming a respectable gaming platform. Our favorite OS has always had a few very good games, but somehow it’s never managed to catch up with iOS in terms of quality and quantity. Nevertheless, game developers have been bringing their iOS-only games one by one to the Android platform. Games like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Plants vs. Zombies and many more.

Today the long list of high-quality games available on Android grows again. The guys at ZeptoLab have released an Android version of their very popular iOS game Cut the Rope. The game is exclusively available through GetJar for zero dollars, which is always a good thing. We expect the app to land on the Android Market pretty soon as well.

The app is almost identical to the iOS version. The main goal of the game is to feed candy to your new pet Om Nom. Speaking from personal experience, the game can be quite addictive and fun to play. And Om Nom’s face is almost impossible to look at without cooing, “Awwww.” Especially when he doesn’t get his candy.

If you need more convincing to download this game, watch the video below of Andy and Om Nom battling each other with their cuteness. Don’t you just want to eat them both?

Cut_the_rope1 Cut_the_rope2 Cut_the_rope3 Cut_the_rope4 Cut_the_rope5

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