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Pictures of Motorola MB865 surface online; dual-core processor, AT&T LTE in tow?


AT&T users drooling over the Droid Bionic may not have a reason to be jealous anymore. Pictures of a mysterious Motorola handset have popped up online attached to the model number MB865. As rumor has it, we may be looking at the follow-up to the Motorola Atrix (a GSM Bionic hybrid). Only this time it has some sort of dual-core Qualcomm processor and (possibly) LTE inside.

Before any pictures were leaked, there was good reason to believe some sort of AT&T branded Bionic was in the works. MB and XT are generally used as model codes for AT&T or Verizon devices. (Both companies have been known to interchange the letters). A quick search for the XT865 online brings up plenty of results for the Droid Bionic. If Verizon used XT with the numbers 865, AT&T could have gone with the model code MB.

A Picasa search for the MB865 brought up some recent pictures attributed to the account of a Qualcomm worker by the name of Fred Oh. If a Qualcomm employee is using a Motorola prototype device, there’s a good chance it’s got a Qualcomm processor inside. And if the MB865 is using a Qualcomm processor, there’s a good chance it’s a dual-core Snapdragon MSM8x60. Since the Bionic is using an OMAP processor, it’s safe to assume the MB865 is not just another name for Verizon’s upcoming flagship.

Once the MB865 name was making its rounds through the blogosphere, it didn’t take long for pictures to show up on ePrice.tw. Thanks to those pictures, we now know the MB865 is indeed coming to AT&T. And it has an 8MP 1080p camera, which normally requires a dual-core processor to run.

As far as the MB865 and the inclusion of LTE go, that’s just speculation on our part. AT&T’s LTE network is slated to go live this year, and Ma Bell’s flagship iPhone will undoubtedly land without it. This gives Motorola the chance to swoop in and pick up even more customers looking to break free from the clutches of Apple. Also keep in mind that, while the MB865 is rumored to be some sort of Atrix 2, we’re still labeling it a reworked GSM Bionic. And as you all know at this point, the Bionic does come with LTE radios inside.

That’s all we have for now, but we’ll certainly be on the lookout for more. Until then, what say you AT&T customers? Do you see an Atrix 2 in your future?

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