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Apple strikes again, tries to block HTC imports to the U.S.

The legal war between mobile manufacturers is never a tame one, but lately Apple seems to be getting out of hand. The Apple vs. Samsung case continues on, but Android’s nemesis isn’t stopping there. Last Friday, July 8th, Apple filed a complaint (Complaint # 2828) against HTC with the U.S. International Trade Commission, asking that they block all imports of “personal electronic devices” from the Taiwanese-based company.

This makes the second time Apple has filed a complaint against HTC. The first was in March and was based on 20 patent infringements. That investigation is still ongoing, and the hearing and decision are scheduled for August 5th. (For documentation, click here). Apple seems doubtful about the outcome, so they’re trying to send another wave against our beloved Android manufacturer.

Lawsuits are inevitable, and we know Apple loves them. But banning a whole smartphone manufacturer from importing “personal electronic devices” to the U.S. is simply outrageous. We thought Microsoft was evil for requesting a $5 per-device fee from HTC, but Apple has taken things to a whole new level. While it is still upsetting, Microsoft’s move is much more reasonable because it allows for competition. It seems Apple’s aim is to completely rid  themselves of competition, instead of taking it on fairly.

We’ll definitely have to stay tuned for more news on this, especially next month’s decision from the Court. What do you guys think? Will the International Trade Commission side with Apple or HTC? Is Apple’s request simply outrageous, or is it just me?

Via: Engadget

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

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