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Friendcaster receives major update, now a full-on Facebook app for Honeycomb

Everyone and their mother uses Facebook (literally), including tablet owners. The official Facebook app is not optimized for Honeycomb devices, though, and tablet users have resorted to third-party Facebook apps for their day-to-day networking. Friendcaster Tab is the first Facebook app to be tablet-optimized, but the fact is it left much to be desired. Many of us migrated to Friend Me, a full Facebook app with friends, messages, photos, events and so on. However, the folks from OneLouder Apps have been working to make Friendcaster Tab a stronger competitor, and their app has received a major update. Friendcaster is now a full-on tablet-optimized Facebook app with many of the features you were asking for.

Friendcaster Tab is still currently in Beta testing, so it will probably have bugs here and there. The app is free, though, and you can get rid of the (very annoying) advertisement simply by sharing the app on your Facebook News Feed. After using it for about 20 minutes, I haven’t had any problems.

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The app grants you access to many Facebook features. Aside from your News Feed, you can access your Profile, Friends, Photos, Check-in (a very cool feature that works great), Messages, Groups, Events and Pages. The developer states they will be adding a widget in a few days, which will enhance the experience even more.

We can’t wait to see the app when fully released. Without a doubt, Friendcaster is (and will be) a great option, and Friend Me now has some good competition. It’s definitely worth a look, so head over to the Market and check it out! We’d like to know what you guys think. Do you like the new Friendcaster? Do you prefer Friend Me? How do you prefer to access Facebook on your Honeycomb tablet?


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