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Google Q2 earnings call: 550,000 Android activations every day and 10 million users on Google+

Google’s earnings call for the second quarter is now coming to an end, and the company has a lot to be happy about. In terms of revenue and net income, Google exceeded Wall Street expectations with $9.03 billion in revenue and $2.08 billion in net income. That’s a 32% growth in revenue compared to last year’s Q2 earnings. As a result, Google now has $39.1 billion in cash on their hands. I’m sure some of that will be used to counterattack the many patent trolls that are attacking Android.

Since we’re talking about Android, the platform is now adding 550,000 users every day. That’s up 50,000, from the last statistic we got from Andy Rubin roughly two weeks ago. As we told you then, Android’s daily activations are growing by 100,000 every month. If keep that pace up, Google could very well be activating 1,000,000 devices per day by the end of this year. That’s a lot.

Google also announced that there are now 250,000 applications on the Android Market, and users have downloaded more than 6 billion apps so far. Additionally, there are now 130 million Android devices out there, up 30 million from Google I/O.

When talking about Google+, Larry Page took the chance to congratulate the Google+ team for a phenomenal job on the launch of the service. He said they’re seeing an incredibly high amount of activity on the social network, with more than 1 billion items shared and 2.3 billion +1 clicks each day. Larry also confirmed that Google+ has now more than 10 million users. That’s amazing, considering the service launched two weeks ago and it’s still in closed beta. To put it in perspective, Google+ has reached almost 1.4% of Facebook’s 750 million users in just two weeks. If you want to join those 10 million people, we’re currently giving out invites here.

In summary, revenues are growing, Android is unstoppable and the company seems to finally “get social”. What more could we ask for?

2011Q2 Google Earnings Slides

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