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Timeline: Learn the history of Android


The Android Operating System is the ideal example of the pursuit of happiness. It has worked hard from the bottom, building its way up to where it is now–the top smartphone OS in the planet, with 550,000 activations a day. Many of us have been with Android since the beginning, rocking our G1′s, while others adopted Android once the OS was more refined. Either way, we’re part of a huge family now. And it’s not a bad idea to learn about our roots.

[X]cube Labs has put together this nifty timeline, highlighting all the important events since Android, Inc. was founded. The time line covers market share percentage, main events and Android versions (Android 1.0-3.2, with an update description for each one of them). There is also an Android version distribution pie chart at the end that shows data as of July 5th.

Android and Me not only keeps you updated about your favorite devices and services, but also teaches you history. Click on the image located to the left and check out what our fellow Android robot has been through. Quite the journey, right? And it’s only the beginning. Hopefully [X]cube Labs will keep updating this infographic as more events transpire.

Just out of curiosity, we’d like to know our readers’ own experiences with Android. When did you first jump into the Android ship? Which phone and version of Android did you first rock, and what do you have now?

Source: [x]cubeLABS

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