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Verizon support confirms Samsung Galaxy S II will be 4G phone [Update: Or maybe not]


Verizon’s Twitter support account just confirmed to skeptical Verizon customer @sparty569 that the Samsung Galaxy S II coming to Verizon won’t be skimping on the Gs.

The Galaxy S II hardware has been universally salivated over and obviously is absolutely killing it in sales around the globe. We knew after Sprint’s Galaxy S II (the Within, seriously?) passed through the FCC recently that it would come bearing WiMax support. So, it’s not surprising–but certainly a relief–to hear Verizon is following suit with LTE.

As a quick refresher the Galaxy S II is coming stateside next month, but we aren’t 100% certain which carrier is getting it first or if it will launch simultaneously on Sprint, Verizon, AT&T and/or T-Mobile.

We can be quite certain that, within the next 60 days, Verizon customers are going to have the Droid Bionic and the Galaxy S II sitting on the counter right next to each other vying for their attention. Which of these dual-core 4G LTE phones would you take home with you?

Update: Well that was short-lived. @VZWSupport has clarified they were speaking of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G (almost the same thing, right?) and that they have nothing to say about the Galaxy S II at the moment. This certainly takes the wind out of the sails, but at least they didn’t say that it definitely is not 4G. Hope springs eternal.

Via: Droid Life

Source: @VZWSupport

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