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Video: Do you want TouchWiz UX on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1?

Excitement reigned throughout the land when Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was going to come with stock Android 3.1. All that rejoicing was soon interrupted when Samsung announced TouchWiz UX would come in a later update. As Android enthusiasts, we will always prefer the Vanilla Android experience, but we do have to realize that our reaction to Samsung’s announcement is a bit biased.

We hate the idea of custom UIs in large part because certain manufacturers have done a horrible job retouching Android in smartphones. The initial reaction to TouchWiz on one of the most anticipated tablets of the year is sure to be quite unpleasant, considering our past experiences. But the fact is Samsung isn’t really making its tablet UI a very intrusive one.

TouchWiz UX does offer some useful functionality, like re-sizable widgets and extra shortcuts in the Notification bar settings. If you happen to not like some of the additions from TouchWiz UX, you can ignore most of them and never use them. The modifications you do have to see often are not prominent enough to make it a deal breaker in my mind.

With that said, go ahead and make the judgement yourself. Samsung has courteously put together a 12-minute video showing what the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and TouchWiz UX are all about. Check it out and let us know if you’re still upset about Samsung throwing its custom UX in there. Does it bother you that Samsung is putting TouchWiz on the Tab 10.1? Do you think it’s a deal breaker? Will you be rooting or simply avoiding the update in order to keep stock Vanilla Android?

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Source: Samsung Mobile (YouTube)

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