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Video: myTouch 4G Slide camera overview – “The most advanced smartphone camera”

We usually don’t focus on cameras, since we’re usually distracted by other specs. With the myTouch 4G Slide, we were mostly excited for that fancy physical keyboard (which may be a huge factor for many of you, as well). But when T-Mobile finally announced the device after a fair share of rumors and leaks, we found out something very remarkable about this device. The myTouch 4G Slide takes mobile photography to the next level, bringing the “most advanced camera of any smartphone.”

According to T-Mobile, this phone is meant to completely replace digital cameras.  In order to do so, this phone has been built with an outstanding camera. These are the main features HTC is treating myTouch 4G Slide users with:

  • 8 MP camera, with 1080p video recording
  • Improved low-light Performance  – backside illuminated sensor and a wide aperture lens (f/2.2)
  • Zero shutter lag – innovative software features allow for an instantaneous shot at a precise moment
  • SweepShot – capture panoramic shots by sweeping across an entire scene in a single motion
  • ClearShot HDR – capture objects in bright settings so your photos are not affected by high-contrast lighting
  • BurstShot – capture multiple photos in a quick burst so you don’t miss the perfect photo

We know most of you are excited to see what this camera can do (or are at least curious). T-Mobile knows this too, so they’ve put together a video for your enjoyment. This short overview will give you an introduction to what this camera can do and how the camera app works. We’re going to hold off judgment until we can see this hands-on, but let us know what you think! Anyone thinking about getting this phone? What would be your greatest incentive? Camera, keyboard, or specs?

Source: TMobile (Youtube)

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