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DSLR Controller brings live view Canon shooting via USB

A couple of weeks ago, Futureboy, a user here, complained that we used the phrase blow your mind too loosely around here- that we say things will blow your mind when in reality they might not. Well, DSLR Controller blew my mind, and I’ve shot the above video and written this post to tell you why.

If you haven’t figured it out by its clever name, DSLR Controller is an app that lets you control your DSLR camera (more specifically, your Canon EOS DSLR camera). You can link up your camera and your Android device via USB (we used a Toshiba Thrive for easy testing) for things like a live view from the lens, focus controls, aperture settings, etc right on your device screen.

I’ll admit that part of the mind-blowing-ness comes from the fact that I’ve only used a Canon camera with live-view for about a year now, and shooting tethered with the EOS utility is even newer for me. But few years ago my DSLR camera didn’t even have a live-view function at all, let alone one that could pop up on my phone screen.

The other part of the mind-blowing-osity comes from the new uses this rigging would allow, none of which I’ve actually thought of yet (so far I’ve just tinkered with it around the office). But I imagine things like posting a camera up out of reach and running cord down so you can see/control everything would be pretty handy.

The developer uploaded his own video which does a good job of exploring some of the deeper functionality, but if you’re that much of a photonerd you might as well just buy the app. Seriously, playing with this thing has left me absolutely delighted.

Do we have any photographers among our ranks here? If so, do you shoot tethered very often? Would you see the usefulness of shooting tethered to your Android device?


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