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Droid Bionic put through preliminary battery test


When the average consumer is phone shopping, words like Super AMOLED, Super LCD, quad-core and Snapdragon don’t usually mean much. Of course, for the average technology enthusiast, those words are what you base your decision on. But there is one thing, enthusiast or not, that affects everyone’s decision in purchasing a phone: battery life. If a smartphone can claim a full 20-24 hours of battery life with heavy to moderate usage, it instantly becomes more appealing to everyone. And for good reason, too. What good is a dual-core, qHD, Super AMOLED, 4G data device if it won’t even turn on?

Unfortunately, battery technology hasn’t really caught up with the rest of smartphone technology. It’s pretty normal for battery life to be, quite frankly, terrible on Android phones. Will that hold true for the next crop of phones coming out this holiday season? If the pre-release battery tests on the Droid Bionic are any indication, things could finally be looking up.

An anonymous source from over at Phandroid has been putting the Droid Bionic’s battery to the test. And, so far, things seem great. According to the tipster, the Bionic’s battery can easily make it through an entire work day (on 4G) and round off the night with some battery to spare.

30% left with 15h 50m 56s on battery.
48% Cell standby, 44% Phone idle, 6% Display, 3% Android OS.
The above is average usage: 2 5-minute video clips (speakers are pretty loud), browsing the net for about 1 hour, checking e-mails from time to time. WIFI off though. 4G all the time. Uploading/downloading a few 8mb files.Anonymous tipsterPhandroid

If you’ve ever used an Android device on Verizon’s 4G network, you’ll instantly recognize that these numbers are fantastic. And with future updates, we can only assume battery life will get better.

Also revealed in the battery tests is a new pocket detection feature. Apparently, Motorola has enabled a feature that turns off the Bionic’s screen and locks the device whenever you put it into your pocket.¬†Clearly, Motorola is taking the Bionic to the next level. While it may not have Ice Cream Sandwich or a Super AMOLED HD screen, it does have features that will surely tempt even the most hardcore Android users.

Source: Phandroid

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