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Logitech releases “Tablet Mouse” for Honeycomb tablets

Logitech Tablet Mouse

Are you looking for a fancy new wireless mouse to go with your Honeycomb tablet? Logitech just released their Tablet Mouse for $49.99, which they claim is the “first-ever mouse made for Android tablets.” While the mouse doesn’t have any real Android-specific features, it can scroll up AND down. Similar bluetooth mice might sell for half the price and work just the same (Logitech offers this mouse minus the Android branding for $39), but the Tablet Mouse is probably the only one to say Android on it’s packaging.

Additional highlights of the Tablet Mouse include:

  • Works smart: Cursor control for your tablet? Oh yes. Now it’s easier than ever to get stuff done, especially when you’re using an external keyboard.
  • Scrolls up, scrolls down: The power is in your hand. You can scroll up and down through web pages or long documents without reaching for the touch screen.
  • Smooth moves: Laser precision means you’ll enjoy smoother tracking on just about any surface.
  • Speaks tablet: The mouse pairs easily with your Android tablet over Bluetooth wireless. Use it anywhere within 30 feet of your tablet.
  • Safe travels: Use the stylish pouch to protect your mouse when you’re on the move–from home to the office, and back again.

Via: Reddit

Source: Logitech

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