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Android has almost 50% world smartphone market share, iOS bumped to second place


Watching Android evolve since the release of the T-Mobile G1 has definitely been exciting. Everyone knew it had great potential. And Google has worked diligently to improve the Android experience. The smartphone market is in the middle of an explosion, causing a great deal of competition among operating systems and manufacturers. That little green robot has had to grow up fast; Android became the top smartphone OS in a mere couple of years. According to Canalys Q2 reports, Android now owns about 48% of the global smartphone market share. We’re sure this percentage will continue to grow, reflecting the increasing number of daily activations.

Let’s take a look at the details, shall we? The smartphone market in general has grown by 73%, with 107.7 million units shipped. Of the 56 countries Canalys tracks, 35 are Android-led. Android shipments have gone up by 379% from a year ago, with 51.9 million units shipped. Android being the #1 contender is no big news; it has been since Q4 2010. But we’re reaching high numbers, and there are some countries that have impressive percentages. Some great examples of the future for Android are South Korea (85% share) and Taiwan (71% share).

Google’s operating system has been climbing to the top since its birth–something that has other companies trembling. One of them is Apple, which also seems to be improving its market share. According to the reports, Apple has now surpassed Nokia (Symbian) with a 19% share and 20.3 million iPhones shipped. Of course, we expect Apple’s numbers to go up with the release of the iPhone 5. But we suspect (we’re pretty sure, actually) it still won’t beat Android. Our fellow Android manufacturers are releasing multiple devices a month, and the iPhone 5 will be overtaken by an army of new Android devices soon after its release.

On a side note, Nokia’s market share might see an increase, too. They’re starting work with Microsoft on their Windows Phone devices. Somehow, we think their share percentage won’t be going up too much. Samsung alone (17 million units) has beaten Nokia and is reaching up for low-hanging fruit. Expect some good numbers in the coming years. Android is still in its infancy, and these statistics will surely continue to improve.

Source: Canalys

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