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Android owns 40% of the US smartphone market, no wonder people want to strangle it


“Android is on fire.” That’s what Google’s David Drummond said yesterday in a blog post about Microsoft’s, Apple’s and Oracle’s strategy to assassinate Android. Basically, Android is growing like crazy and these three companies are doing everything in their power to not only stop it, but also erase it from the face of the Earth. But is Android truly that big of a threat to these three companies for them to band together in order to fight Google?

According to comScore’s mobile report for the month of June, Android is their worst nightmare. Our favorite mobile OS now owns a comfy 40.1% of the US smartphone market. Think about that for a second. Almost half of all smartphone owners out there are packing some serious Droid heat.

What’s even more remarkable is that, exactly a year ago, Android was tied neck and neck with Microsoft’s Windows Mobile. In just twelve months, Android grew to 40% while Windows Mobile/Phone fell to 5.8%. No wonder Microsoft is using every resource necessary to attack Android. They’re about to lose all presence in the mobile market because of it.

Far behind Android, Apple’s iOS has leveled off at the 26.6% mark. Despite the fact that the iPhone has been available on both AT&T and Verizon for a while now, iOS hasn’t yet killed Android like some predicted. The same can’t be said about RIM’s Blackberry OS, which lost 1.3% during the month of June and now sits at 23.4%. At that pace, Blackberry will likely have a market share of 10%-15% by this Christmas. And it could very well be the company’s last one, if it doesn’t turn around its sinking ship.

Interestingly, comScore counted Symbian’s US market share for the month of June. This is the first time I can remember seeing Symbian appear on comScore’s mobile report. In turn, HP’s WebOS is now gone. Did WebOS fall below Symbian’s 2% market share? If so, does that officially declare WebOS a dead platform? Possibly.

In summary, Android keeps sprinting towards total smartphone domination while everyone else falls rapidly or holds onto their market share. Does it really surprise you that these companies want Android dead? Get used to it. The attacks will only get more vicious from now on.

Source: comScore

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