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Gartner: 43% of all smartphones sold last quarter were running Android


A week ago we told you why companies like Microsoft, Apple and Oracle want to strangle Android. Put simply, Android is about to completely own the US smartphone market. But how is our little green friend doing in the rest world? Well, even better in fact.

According to Gartner, 43.4% of all smartphones sold in the second quarter were Android devices. That’s up 7.4% from the first quarter when it powered 36% of all units sold. Keep in mind that this is counting the amount of sales and not the overall market share. However, this metric does give you an idea of where the market is headed. And so far, it’s headed straight towards a giant green robot. As always Apple’s iOS managed to hold onto its market share, selling almost 20 million iPhones during Q2, which accounted for 18.2% of all sales.

However, the rest of Android’s competitors weren’t as lucky. Microsoft’s Windows Phone, RIM’s Blackberry and Nokia’s Symbian all saw a massive drop in their sales during the second quarter. The once-king of the cell phone world, Symbian, lost 5.3% of its sales, dropping from 27.4% in the first quarter to 22.1% in the last quarter. A year ago, Nokia’s Symbian was on 41% of all smartphones being sold. A year from now, the platform will most likely be dead.

But Symbian is not the only platform that’s about to become extinct thanks to Android. Suffering even more than Symbian is RIM’s Blackberry and Microsoft’s Windows Phone. RIM’s software was on only 11.7% of all smartphones sold in Q2, losing 1.2% from the previous quarter.

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s moribund Windows Phone platform had a measly 1.6% of all unit sales, down 2% from the first quarter of this year. But that’s not the worst part. Here’s the kicker:  Samsung’s Bada sold 332,000 more units than Microsoft’s platform. Yes, you read that right. Samsung’s smartphone “experiment” is selling more than Microsoft’s mobile platform–with its massive ad campaign and all.

There’s no way to look at this data and say that Microsoft’s Windows Phone is going anywhere but to the graveyard. Almost a year after being released, Windows Phone is certainly not turning things around like Microsoft hoped it would. In fact, one could say it’s accelerating the demise of Microsoft in the mobile world. If the current trend continues, it’s quite possible that Windows Phone will completely disappear from Gartner’s report for the next quarter.

In summary, despite the avalanche of bogus lawsuits, FUD tactics and troll-like attacks, Android is showing no signs of stopping. All the while, those doing the attacking are seeing their market share disappear right before their eyes.

Source: Gartner

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