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HTC’s Peter Chou embraces Google’s acquisition of Motorola


Google has made it very clear that the acquisition of Motorola will not change Android’s open nature. You can’t help but wonder if the company will actually stay true to its word, though. We’re sure manufacturers have been losing sleep. As Android fans, we definitely worry about manufacturers being scared off by the possibility of Motorola becoming Google’s favorite.

One of the manufacturers we’d most hate to see going away is definitely HTC. There’s nothing to worry about, though, as Peter Chou has just announced that HTC plans to stay as close to Google as it has been for the last few years.

It's not the operating system, it's the ecosystem. We think we can find a way to differentiate to add value, but at the same time leverage our partners, Google and Microsoft, since we have such a great relationship with them.Peter ChouCEO of HTC

HTC does not plan to make its own operating system, but to work with Google and Microsoft. We know how proud HTC is of HTC Sense, and the manufacturer will continue to work on differentiating their devices and UI’s–just like it has all along.

HTC’s Peter Chou seems to be confident that Google will keep its word and that the acquisition’s purpose is to expand Google’s patent portfolio. This would further protect all the Android manufacturers–something to which HTC is definitely looking forward. HTC has been involved in multiple lawsuits involving intellectual property, so this might actually be a spark of hope for the company.

This acquisition is more to enhance Google's patent portfolio, to support us, to protect us, so this is good newsPeter ChouCEO of HTC

Hopefully we can get an official announcement from other major manufacturers soon. We would not like to see our OEMs going away. We definitely trust that Google will keep its word about leaving Android open, as it is partly the reason why the platform has been so successful. What do you guys think? Will Motorola actually get some kind of benefit in the future? I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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