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Infographic: The Great Android Gaming Survey, results and winner revealed


Last Wednesday we kicked off our Great Android Gaming Survey, a 15-question survey covering all aspects of mobile gaming. In that short time, over 3,500 of you completed our survey, giving us an epic data set to work with. To say thanks, we are giving away a Tegra Zone Power Pack to one lucky participant.

We also made the following infographic, which we think says a lot of interesting things about the current mobile gaming market. Check it out below then join us at the bottom for some of our observations and the big winner reveal!

First I want to say thanks to everyone that filled out our survey, the response was huge. And even though we know it was mostly for the prize, we still really appreciate everyone that participated. As you see above, the Power Pack went to one lucky Cameron L. in Washington. If that’s not you, don’t worry- we’ve got even better prize packs coming soon.

Now for the observations! The data provided a number of unexpected conclusions, but I’ll just list a few of my favorites here and let the rest rage on in the comments.

One quarter of you claimed to have over 15 games currently installed! Another quarter claimed to have 6-10. We’ve really got some gamers here!

Almost 70% of our respondents said that while multiplayer was a nice bonus, it wasn’t necessary. Given how much time developers spend on it and how often I see it come up in comments, I really figured that would have been higher. And speaking of wasted dev time, only 5% of you said you’d ever bother to share your game score or achievements on Twitter or Facebook.

I’m also a bit surprised at the rate at which you guys are adopting tablets. Over 1k say they are going to buy a tablet within the next year, and almost as many already own one. Only about 100 of you claim you’ll never buy a talet, a number I expected to be higher after all the tablets are big silly phone comments we’ve seen over the years.

One thing that was no surprise was the favorite place to buy games. The Android Market dominated. Less than 10% of you admitted to buying games in the Amazon Market and only 15 of you owned up to buying from GetJar and SlideMe (not 15%, but 15 total people).

What data surprises you? Or does anything look exactly like you’d expected it to? Let us know in the comments! One of the best part of collecting data is seeing how other interpret it. To get things rolling, we’ve turned on 2x points for this post. Anyone leaving a comment will earn double points for doing so.

Before I go, I’ve got a few more thanks. Big shout out to NVIDIA for providing the prize pack- if you’re not following @NVIDIAtegra, you should be. I also want to let everyone know what an absolute design-beast my wife is. She was up til 4am last night cranking this graphic out. Her zombie design looks better than my normal work, which I’ll always be in awe of.

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