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Motorola’s Sanjay Jha opens up on Ice Cream Sandwich, global consistency and the Droid Bionic


Oh, Mr. Jha. Whenever you have a chance to talk in public, you really talk in public. Motorola Mobility’s CEO Sanjay Jha was put in the hot seat today at the Oppenheimer Annual Technology & Communications Conference, where he gave the world some insight into several interesting aspects of Motorola’s future. He touched on the importance of being first to market with a new version of Android, delivering a consistent brand experience across the globe, tablets and the elusive Droid Bionic.

When asked about being first to market with Honeycomb, the experiences that it brought and whether or not Moto would do it again with Ice Cream Sandwich, Jha seems to recognize it’s important to lead the pack in innovations–despite the risks it brings.

It depends. I would say by and large I would like to be the first. But there are times when being the first to launch has greater schedule uncertainty. You are taking more chances with new innovation in the beginning and sometimes that has negative impact. By and large, largely it’s a very positive thing.Sanjay JhaMotorola Mobility

As far as tablets go, Jha admits Moto headed in the wrong direction by putting too much emphasis on carrier branded tablets. In the future, the company will focus on different form factors, multimedia and enterprise users. Not 3G, 4G and limited distribution.

Once the topic was switched to hindering device launches through the lack of universal branding, things got really interesting. When Jha was asked how fragmented branding (Droid and non-Droid devices) affected sales, it was clear the impact is negative. Jha wants to take Motorola in a direction similar to Samsung in order to maintain consistency and utilize global marketing. This could be where KORE comes into play. We last speculated that KORE may be the replacement for MOTOBLUR, but it could also be the new label for Motorola’s global brand.

Last but certainly not least, someone just had to ask about the Motorola Droid Bionic. Jha wouldn’t give any specifics on the device, but he did make a comment that definitely leaves us scratching our heads. He said the Bionic was an “important product, but not the only product.” It could simply mean he doesn’t want to place too much attention on one device (which would make sense, considering the recent release of the Photon, Droid 3, Triumph, etc.), or it could mean something more. Does Motorola have something really big waiting for us at CES 2012? There’s a good chance that they do, and it may just be bigger than we anticipated.

Source: DroidLife

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