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Notification bar ads could threaten your personal space


Since the very first Android apps made their debut on the Android Market, Android users have had to put up with in-app advertisements. Over nearly three years, we’ve seen ads take many sizes and shapes. Standard banner ads, full screen ads between game levels, video clips and even incentivized ads that encourage you to download new apps or third party services in exchange for unlocking new app or game features.  While ads themselves are not evil, the way they’re implemented can cause a lot of frustration for handset users.

We’ve come to terms with the advertisement deployment methods listed above. But what if app developers started putting ads in your notification bar?  SlingLabs offers an SDK for app developers that allows them to quickly and easily add notification bar advertisements in addition to their regular ad placement. SlingLabs claims app developers can achieve click through rates as high as 40% with this type of ad placement, but we have a feeling those high rates won’t last long.

While it’s nice to see SlingLabs thinking of new ways to help developers monetize their application, I have a feeling this type of ad deployment will actually do more harm than good for the developers who actually use it.  You wouldn’t put up with an app on your PC that launched pop-up ads eveyr time you used it, would you? If I started seeing advertisements pop up in my notification bar next to my Tweets, emails and other updates, I’d track down and uninstall the offending app. I wouldn’t even think twice about how good the app was.

We’re sure many of you probably feel the same way. What would your reaction be if you ads started showing up in your notification bar? I know we have quite a few developers who read our site on a regular basis.  Would any of you even consider implementing notification bar advertisements in your apps?

Source: SlingLabs

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