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NVIDIA CEO talks Ice Cream Sandwich, quad-core CPUs


During a recent earnings call with NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, some exciting news on the company’s upcoming Kal-El quad-core processor was outed along with some hints about future plans for Ice Cream Sandwich.

Kal-El, slated to be the very first quad-core processor to power Android devices, should be appearing in tablets as soon as this October and in phones by CES 2012. Beating the competition to market by a full year is no easy task, but it’s one Huang and his team of developers are itching to take on. Along with a huge boost in processing power, Huang has begun to out more details on just what kind of performance Kal-El will provide. Especially in terms of power consumption:

...Kal-El, it's going to be world's first quad-core processor. And it's so much higher performance than Tegra 2 and at so much lower power. And very few people have internalized that Kal-El is lower power in every use case compared to Tegra 2. And so this is, it's really a great breakthrough based on the technology we call variable SMP, variable symmetric multiprocessing, that makes it possible for us to achieve much higher performance where performance is needed and much lower power in almost everything that you do.Jen-Hsun HuangNVIDIA

This is absolutely great news for Android users. It shows that NVIDIA is taking average consumer complaints like battery life and is working to improve on them from the very core of your device. Another big help in the power-management department will come from software development.

Huang was keen to let investors know that NVIDIA has a tight relationship with Google. Once Kal-El is put into production, phones and tablets from manufacturers all over the world will be released at a fever pitch “now that we [NVIDIA] have a full software stack ready to go.” Huang wouldn’t answer any questions on Ice Cream Sandwich directly, but kept reiterating how tight of a relationship NVIDIA now has with Google. He mentioned how NVIDIA is very much looking forward to next release of Android and that they expect to be very successful with it.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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