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Video: Android 2.2 running on an HP TouchPad?


While we’re not exactly sure of its source, a very interesting video has just surfaced on YouTube. As you’ll see below, it looks as if someone’s got Android 2.2 running on an HP TouchPad.

Before you get too excited, know that the video’s backstory makes it a bit hard to swallow. The uploader is claiming that the tablet was shipped to him this way, saying:

A coworker ordered his HP Touchpad for $99 from bestbuy, this is the 32g, when he got it, it came with android already on it, I just ordered mine, so if anyone knows how android go on it, please let me know.msacraYouTube user

While we are totally stoked to see a TouchPad running Android, we’re left to file this one under skeptical. But, since we’ve got a huge blog at our disposal, we figured we’d turn it over to the internet detectives. What do you guys think? Does this look legit? Do you buy the story about it arriving with Android installed?

In the past few days, with the price slashed and a bounty showing up for Android, time could be ripe for a hoax. But the video sure looks real. Anyone have any theories?

UPDATE: Just found some pictures, via Reddit. This is taking an odd turn…


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