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5 upcoming Android games I’m looking forward to playing on my quad-core tablet


Are you ready for the next wave of high-end Android games? Recent releases like N.O.V.A. 2 and 9mm have raised the bar on what we expect, but new hardware from NVIDIA, Samsung, and Qualcomm will finally be able to deliver those PS3 graphics we talked about years ago. We are expecting the first quad-core devices powered by NVIDIA’s Kal-El to be available in the coming months, so check out our top 5 Android games we are looking forward to this year. 

5. Gangstar Rio: City of Saints

City of Saints will be the third installment of Gameloft’s Gangstar series, which borrows heavily from Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row. If you like big persistent world titles with open-ended gameplay, then Gangstar Rio is one to watch for later this year.

4. Bladeslinger

Bladeslinger is a new mobile title currently in development by Luma Arcade. Games site IGN reveals that Bladeslinger is 3rd-person action brawler, set against a unique sci-fi Western setting. The game will feature both ranged and hand-to-hand combat systems, along with gesture based puzzles. The developer announced there will be a Tegra-optimized version in Q4 2011, so look for this game soon on Tegra Zone.

3. Max Payne

Max Payne first debuted for the PC back in 2001, but Rockstar games is refreshing the title for mobile devices to promote their new console title Max Payne 3 (see trailer above). We don’t know much about the title yet or how it will compare with the original, but look for Max Payne to come to Android later this year.

2. Shadowgun

Shadowgun has long been at the top of our most-wanted list since developer MadFinger games announced they would release a special version optimized for NVIDIA’s quad-core Kal-El. The title just launched for iOS devices yesterday and we expect an Android version for Tegra 2 devices to appear in the coming months.

1. Modern Combat 3

From the early days of Android, Gameloft has always been one of my favorite publishers. They have the most development teams working on Android games and their Modern Combat series has delivered some of the best combat action we have ever seen on a smartphone. Modern Combat 3 promises next-gen high quality visuals, large scale war on 13 new missions, 12-player multi-player, and immersive cinematics.

Feedback: Which upcoming Android game are you looking forward to the most? Were there any blockbuster titles that we left off our list? Chime in the comments below.

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