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Android app breakdown: men like Maps, women like Facebook, everyone loves the Market


The ever-popular measurement gurus at Nielsen have released a new study today that provides an in-depth look at Android app usage among men and women. By measuring “active reach,” Nielsen was able to pinpoint exactly who uses what on a monthly basis.

Before we go much further, you may be wondering exactly what “active reach” is. According to Nielsen, active reach is obtained by looking at “the percentage of Android owners who used an app within the past 30 days.” Nielsen analyzed “the data from on-device meters on thousands of Android smartphones” to determine the active reach of applications. So how did the study turn out?

The numbers are broken down into three categories. Overall active reach, male active reach and female active reach. When looking at the top five apps across all three categories, nothing drastic changes. The application with the most active reach among men and women is the Android Market–the app to get apps. Unsurprisingly, the Market is followed closely by Google Maps, Gmail, Facebook and Google Search. For men, the order of the top five apps is only slightly changed. Market, Maps and Gmail still take the top three, but Google Search is used more than Facebook. The only difference in the female top five is the second place usage of Facebook and fourth place usage of Maps.

Rounding out the top twenty in the overall list is YouTube, Advanced Tasks Kill Free, Angry Birds, Quick Office Pro, Pandora Radio, Weather Channel, Amazon App Store, Words with Friends, Talk – Text To Voice, Twitter, Barcode Scanner, Adobe Reader, Angry Birds Rio, Kindle and Google+.

If you’re an active Android user, then this list probably looks eerily familiar. With the exception of the task killer, I use all of the apps listed in the top twenty at least once a week. And the apps in the top five are easily my most used apps. What are your most used applications? Notice anything that didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Nielsen

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