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Google Goggles updated, makes your camera smarter


Google Goggles, the application that uses pictures to search the web, has received an update to version 1.6 today. The 1.6 update promises to make your smartphone’s camera “smarter,” and can now be set to automatically scan all pictures taken from the camera application on your Android phone.

You read that right; any pictures you take with the standard camera application can automatically be scanned by Goggles in the background. You will receive a notification if it is able to identify a landmark, painting or other object from your picture. If Goggles does make a match, you can go into the Goggles application and share with your friends via your search history.

Though most people will simply launch Goggles to make use of the application when they actually want to identify something, having potentially useful information pushed to you when you’re not thinking to look for it can certainly come in handy on some occasions. And having the application run in the background at least won’t annoy you too much.

Once you install/update Google Goggles on your Android 2.1+ device, simply go into the settings and click the “Search from Camera” button to set this feature up on your device.


Source: Google Mobile Blog

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