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Sphero enters production mode, launching late 2011


Sphero has sent us over some pictures of their final production model for their upcoming Android phone accessory. (You can check it out in the gallery at the end of this post). We call Sphero an accessory loosely, as Sphero is much more a gaming accessory that you happen to control with your Android device.

Sphero is basically a tennis-ball sized electronic polycarbonate ball that glows different colors depending on user settings and applications you choose to use Sphero with. The ball itself comes with a conduction charger, as well as various different applications the company has created to help you make full use of your purchase.

The included applications are really what make Sphero functional; games such as Drive and Golf allow you to use your phone to play a game of golf, and whatever you do on your smartphone will happen in real life with the Sphero ball. The ball mirrors your on-screen gestures as it moves around the floor. Though a few games will come with the Sphero device itself, many more will be available on the Android Market, since Sphero has released their developer toolkit to all those interested in building applications for the Sphero platform.

When we tested Sphero at CES in January, we were given a basic application that simply allowed you to move the ball around. But the addition of game applications to the final Sphero product will really make this a fun tool for you and your kids. You can check out Sphero in action in the following video.

This service will launch later this year. Sphero has given users the option to pre-order the Sphero ball, which will launch at a whopping $129.99. If you’re interested in Sphero, you can pre-order the device on their website. I have a feeling, however, that the $129.99 price is sure to turn some users off this service.

What do you guys think? Are you looking forward to getting your hands on Sphero despite the high price tag? Has Sphero priced this too high for your liking?  Let us know in the comments.

sphero-logo-blue ball-with-phones-in-charger sphero-tablet

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